Facility Concept with its international network and its perfect knowledge in the tourism sector, will be your partner to support you in your
development projects.

Our mission is to strengthen the vision, develop a coherent strategy and support our customer in their growth.

We surround ourselves with the best experts to propose a global offer and guarantee the success of your projects.

We have been supporting the public and private sectors for many years on subjects such as:








As expert in African tourism, we offer you to analyse the challenges and rethink the tourism of tomorrow. We advise and support you in your strategic choices.

We help you to build the foundation for tourism that respects the environment and the people.

Our objective is also to support you in the implementation of a policy that allows to develop both international tourism and also intra-Africa tourism with high potential.

Identify the needs

 Advise and implement the development strategy.

Support in transformation

Development assistance

Advice on international promotion


Due to a large network of entrepreneurs, investors, Chambers of Commerce or International Organizations, and to our perfect knowledge of the institutions we organize many events that will allow you to meet the key actors for the implementation of your projects or inform you.

 Develop your business network

Organizing forums

Setting up prospecting trip

Connecting with strategic partners



We help you to build, improve and strengthen your reputation by elaborate a real communication strategy. We offer you a tailor-made media plan whether offline or online ranging from the definition of visual identify to the creation of dynamic content.

Facility Concept is also involved in the deployment and dissemination of your communication (social network animation, emailings) as well as the design and production of content that will allow you to enhance your image (print support, digital, PLV…)

We cover all your communication needs, get advice on setting up your communication strategy !


Conseil en communication nationale et internationale

Identification des besoins

Mise en place du plan de communication 

Création de contenus

Analyse d’impact

















































































































































































































































We design event projects as well as seminars for companies in Africa, Europe and around the world.
We identify challenges and problems by taking into account the company values and objectives. We take care for the design, creation and production as well as content. 

Identify needs and expectations 

 Design of tailor-made event

Setting up and coordinating projects

Creating content


You want to promote your destination or activity we have the solution: we create, plan and organize any type of event, according to the needs of our customers. Whether it us the creation of forums, trade show or optimization of participation in events we take care of all the steps: location, production, invitation, promotion, attendance control… up to the media coverage.

Identifying priority markets

Definition of the needs

Organization of consumer or professional trade show

 Preparation for the participations of tourist trade show : strategic and logistics

Definition of communication strategy

Study and follow-up of the fallout…

Support in setting up event operations


Throughout the year, we offer training courses to increase the expertise of professionals.

We call on our leading international stakeholder and promote the exchange of best practices.

You will find our news, our next appointments by subscribing to our newsletter you will be inform of our program.

You have specific needs? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to study with you content that will meet your expectations.

Professinals training in the tourism industries

Tailor-made training to meet the challenges of tomorrow

Training on business plan design, strategy, management, communication, marketing…